Task management in academyFIVE

Do you still use to-do lists to organise your daily work? A little tip from us: It's much easier and more efficient - with academyFIVE's task management.

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You can assign, monitor and hand over tasks in academyFIVE.


You will find everything clearly organised in one place, including due dates and the option to prioritise tasks.


You use the data available in academyFIVE, work in a flow and in full compliance with data protection regulations and without media discontinuity.


You define task types and status values completely individually.

The new features

A well-functioning task management system is indispensable for administrative staff at a higher education institutions. Reason enough for us to give this function in academyFIVE a little facelift. Not only have we created the option to create new tasks intuitively and edit them easily, but we have also provided a clearer presentation of tasks to help you prioritise and process them on time. These new features are now available in our campus management system:

In the "tasks" area

Here you benefit from a complete overview of all tasks, have the option of filtering and sorting, and the area is also visually impressive thanks to its modern design.

In the task itself

You create direct links to person profiles, exams or courses in the task and can assign a status or priority to a task. You can also monitor a task and see all colleagues who are also currently monitoring this task.

In the dashboard

Tasks can be integrated into the dashboard so that you always have them in view. The tasks are sorted by priority and due date. If the due date has been exceeded, it is highlighted in red so that you are immediately made aware of it. You can integrate both your own tasks and the monitored tasks as a gadget in the dashboard.

In the person profile

A new task can also be created directly in the person profile using the corresponding button.

Why you need efficient task management

We simply can't remember everything - and we don't have to, because what else are calendars, task apps and the like for? We agree, which is why academyFIVE's task management function is designed to make your everyday life in higher education administration much easier. And that in a wide variety of areas:

Applicants, students, lecturers

If you would like to send information to interested parties or applicants, set yourself a task. The same applies if you still owe students feedback or need to clarify open questions with lecturers.

Exam management

In the examination management area, you create tasks to create or track examinations and to check, release or publish grades.

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Internal areas of application

You can also use task management to be reminded of meeting preparations or the onboarding of new colleagues.

Course management

And if you need to publish dates or maintain attendance in course management, simply set yourself a task so that you don't forget to do so.

Your way to academyFIVE task management

You can now say goodbye to separate, individually managed to-do lists, notepads or additional programmes with a clear conscience. Take a look at the task management system and academyFIVE for yourself.