academyFIVE Best Practice

In addition to the academyFIVE basic system and many other modules, such as course and room planning, examination management or teaching assignment management, you benefit from numerous other functions. Here you will find an overview.

Task management

A well-functioning task management system is extremely important for administrative staff at a higher education institution. You can say goodbye to to-do lists and sticky notes, because organising your daily work is much easier and more efficient – with task management in academyFIVE.

Power BI

By connecting academyFIVE to Power BI, you can access precise evaluations directly in your system and see your current figures at a glance, for example on students, applicants or contracts. Take your evaluations to the next level with Business Intelligence.

academyFIVE Outlook Add-in

The academyFIVE Outlook Add-in bundles all email communication in one place and enables more efficient work as well as a closed and secure loop in email communication with students and lecturers within the framework of data protection.

Dashboards in academyFIVE

The dashboards in academyFIVE not only give you an overview of all the relevant key figures for your higher education institution, they also look really good.

Progressive Web App

Taking care of course management, exam registration or submission management on the go? We make it possible – with the academyFIVE Progressive web app!

Health insurance registration

As of 1 January 2022, the electronic student notification procedure to the health insurance companies is mandatory. academyFIVE handles this process completely automatically. Read all the important information about it here.

Digital signature

Online Access Act, ‘Digital Administration 2020’ government programme, eGovernment Act and eIDAS Regulation. A lot is being done in Europe to drive digitalisation forward. Here you can find out everything you need to know now and how you can sign documents directly from academyFIVE in a legally valid way.

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