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Basic system

In the academyFIVE Campus Management System, the complete student life cycle is mapped in an integrated system. In academyFIVE you can manage all the data of interested parties, applicants, students, alumni, university staff and lecturers, as well as external contacts, partners and institutions, conveniently via one system. Links between persons and institutions as well as relationships between companies and institutions can be easily displayed. In addition, careers and curricula vitae can be stored for each profile. Extensive search options including distribution list and keyword management as well as various filter options save you a lot of time.

With the academyFIVE module for state office statistics, you can create all university-relevant statistics with just a few clicks. Thanks to the integrated system, relevant data such as address information is transferred directly from academyFIVE. All other necessary information is managed centrally in one place. The mandatory reporting of data on students and applicants as well as staff for Austrian higher education institutions can also be generated via academyFIVE's Statistics Austria.

With academyFIVE course and room planning, the entire status-driven planning process can be mapped individually within one system. A course and lecture directory as well as a concrete timetable are provided for students and lecturers. Early planning on the basis of planning groups is possible, as is the direct resolution of conflicts through a visual matrix display of free time slots. Another component is an effective resource check and the consideration of all relevant data on numbers of participants, rooms, availability of lecturers and required technical equipment. Individual supervision (Bachelor's or Master's thesis) as well as one-to-one teaching can also be mapped in our campus management system. In addition, course offerings can be clustered into any event type (lecture, seminar, tutorial, etc.) and filtered specifically by this. Important statistics such as target/actual comparisons of planned and completed hours or absence rates help with controlling.


academyFIVE provides various tools for efficient communication with all parties involved. Thus, interested parties, applicants, students, lecturers and external contacts can be reached via e-mail, internal messages and SMS. In addition, a task system facilitates internal coordination. An ideal complement to this is our professional academyFIVE Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, which is ideally suited for your sales and marketing activities, as it fully meets the special needs of universities. With the optional Outlook plug-in, you close the communication loop and have an overview of all correspondence in the contact history at all times.

Exam management is the central component of the academyFIVE system. Complex study and examination regulations can be mapped without technical knowledge. Structuring into areas, modules and subjects at any depth is possible, as is the definition of credits and rules, the definition of assessment schemes, the subdivision into compulsory and optional areas and the specification of calculation rules. Another advantage of academyFIVE is that it fully supports the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). The final grade as well as required intermediate results are calculated automatically. The grades recorded can be used to generate all forms of final documents, such as Transcript of Records or Diploma Supplement, individually designed.

CampusWEB is the integrated academyFIVE online portal for students and lecturers. The most important news is displayed directly on the homepage: exam results, lecture cancellations or postponements. CampusWEB is also available as an app on mobile devices for popular operating systems such as Android and Apple iOS using Progressive Web App (PWA) technology. This means that students and lecturers always have all the relevant information with them, even when they are on the move. In addition, the mobile app provides access to all course-relevant information such as course descriptions, lecture content, deadlines and submissions. Grades and timetables can be viewed and documents and course material can be downloaded. Users can maintain profile data and communicate with other users via e-mail, internal messages or forums. Self-service functions in CampusWEB relieve the administrative staff.


Digital processes are becoming increasingly important and are becoming a legal requirement in the public sector. With academyFIVE, you can issue all documents - from study contracts to enrolment certificates to diploma certificates - automatically, legally valid and forgery-proof. This not only saves you time and printing costs, but also relieves your administration. At the same time, legally compliant retention periods are ensured. In addition, paper-based processes are replaced, which in turn serves as a basis for Big Data or AI projects.

From the creation of lecturer contracts and employment relationships per semester, to the mapping of teaching assignments, to the generation of personnel statistics - with the teaching assignment system, you can map a completely integrated process in academyFIVE. Contracts can be easily created using PDF or MS Word templates and sent by e-mail. Lecturers can accept assigned teaching assignments online, comment on them and directly invoice the courses that have actually taken place. Contractually available teaching units are displayed during scheduling and with the target/actual comparison you always have an overview of all data.



With the academyFIVE module for submissions, projects and internships, workflows are digitally mapped across all interested parties. From the student enquiry, the selection of supervisors (also external), through the exchange of documents, to the assessment, awarding of teaching assignments and archiving, the processes can be completely individually defined and mapped with properties such as thesis, internship or student research project. In addition, it is possible to automatically create individual supervision and corresponding examinations, including the generation of the corresponding teaching assignments. A comment function for all participants helps to ensure simple and barrier-free communication with each other.

With academyFIVE Analytics, you can evaluate all the data collected in the Campus Management System and display these evaluations graphically. You can create as many dashboards as you like using the dashboard system. This way, all information relevant to the user is presented in an appealing way directly after logging in. In addition, there is the possibility to individually expand the reports according to your own requirements. A well thought-out authorisation concept helps to prevent unintentional access. You can also benefit from the numerous preconfigured evaluations, such as the management of interested parties or applicants, where comparisons can be made with the same period of the previous year.

If your university works with both the campus management system academyFIVE and the learning management software Moodle, the Moodle plugin helps you to import data from academyFIVE automatically at the touch of a button. Participant, lecturer and examination data as well as course offerings are synchronised either automatically or at the touch of a button. User administration can be done manually or via ActiveDirectory/LDAP. For example, courses in academyFIVE can be directly linked to Moodle learning spaces and assessments from Moodle can be transferred directly back into the Campus Management System.

Since the electronic student registration procedure has been mandatory since 1 January 2022, the entire registration process can be carried out completely automatically via academyFIVE. If applicants have declared a course of study with their health insurers, our system can retrieve the data sent by the health insurers and save it directly in the respective personal profile in academyFIVE. As before, employees of the higher education institution maintain the enrolment and de-registration of students; this information is then independently transmitted by the campus management system to the health insurance company. A clear list enables university employees to view the status of the notifications so that they can follow up if necessary.

With academyFIVE application management, nothing stands in the way of a flexible and individually designed online application process. From the application intention to the admission, the entire process is completely integrated. Applicants' profiles can be transferred directly to the academyFIVE system. It is also possible to offer several online applications in parallel. An additional admission management system enables the generation of automated admission proposals based on individual applicant groups.

academyFIVE provides calendar synchronisation for Outlook 365 for efficient appointment organisation with all participants. This allows students, lecturers and administrative staff to synchronise all university appointments in their personal Office 365 Outlook calendars, link them to other calendars (e.g. Android) and thus have all their appointments in one calendar. All participants are informed directly of any last-minute changes to appointments. It is also possible to add a description of how to get to the appointment by maintaining the location of the rooms. Since appointments for rooms are booked via Outlook, overbooking of rooms is no longer possible.

With the academyFIVE finance module, regular payments as well as individual invoices are automatically issued and mapped. This includes the documentation of the entire process - from the draft invoice to the complete payment. Thanks to the profile-related view in CampusWEB, all invoice processes are completely digitalised. This guarantees a continuous payment and dunning process. Using the self-service function, students receive their payment confirmations in Campus WEB.


With the Curricular Course Selection function, your students can register for courses and modules completely independently according to their curriculum. Both elective and compulsory subjects are taken into account. You specify the enrolment deadline in advance and assign the course and event offerings to be selected to the corresponding enrolment deadline. The course selection is displayed for the students in their curriculum overview. Next to the respective course, registration or deregistration can be done by clicking on the button.

Using Single Sign-on (SSO), a user can access all services, such as academyFIVE, the Community or the Progressive Web App (PWA) after a one-time authentication. The single sign-on runs, for example, via Azure AD or all other identity and access management services that support OpenID Connect. These include the services of SWITCH edu-ID, Shibboleth, Amazon, Okta, Auth0 or Google.

The academyFIVE Outlook Add-in is the perfect addition to your Campus Management System. This function not only allows you to work more efficiently, but you can also rely on a closed and secure loop for email communication with your students and lecturers within the framework of data protection. All your communication is bundled in one place and the documentation obligation is also fulfilled. The Outlook add-in automatically assigns profiles to the respective email address, allows you to retrieve basic profiles and remembers already uploaded mails to avoid duplicates. In addition, the add-in provides you with the option of a profile search and uploading attachments to the academyFIVE info pool. At the same time, the latest security standards (TLS) are supported.

In the Exam Registration module, students can register for exams via CampusWEB. When creating exam registrations, a distinction is made between the regular exam registration phase, interim exams and make-up exams. In the regular exam registration phase, all possible exams are displayed; in the other phase types, only exams with the type intermediate exam or make-up exam are displayed. You have the option of creating several dates for an examination. Students who are admitted to this examination can then choose a specific date. In addition, the student can optionally change or cancel his or her registration for another date on his or her own. You can also store several locations and set a late registration or cancellation deadline.

In academyFIVE, you can completely invoice individual courses and seminars from the course management without having to switch to the finance module. The invoices are generated directly from the course and the status of the invoice can also be changed there. From the draft to the payment of the invoice, you always see the current status in the course and keep track of the progress of the billing of your event.

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