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Our Campus Management System

Contact us – we will be happy to answer all your questions in a personal meeting and give you a first insight into our academyFIVE system in a live demo. Afterwards, you will certainly be able to better assess whether our campus management system is right for you.

After an initial presentation of academyFIVE, we will be happy to set up a test account for you. Since all functions and modules are activated in our demo version, you will get a comprehensive overview of the possibilities you have with academyFIVE.

Arrange an appointment with us. We will be happy to give you a detailed presentation of academyFIVE on site or online. This initial presentation is free of charge and will give you a comprehensive insight into the functions of our software.

Through a proven introduction process, we can guarantee comparatively short introduction times. Depending on the size of the project, six months (for smaller projects) to two years (for large projects) are possible. After an initial meeting to get to know each other, we will be happy to give you a more detailed assessment of what project duration is realistic for you.

Business model & products

academyFIVE is a campus management system that is modular. This means that you can put the software together in a way that is completely tailored to your requirements. academyFIVE has exactly the functions you need for your university administration.

If you have an academyFIVE stage system in addition to the live system, you can test new modules in the stage system at any time free of charge. If you only have a live system in use, we will examine and test the requirements arising from your university operation for the module in detail in a joint workshop so that you can be sure that the module meets your requirements.

You can already benefit from our experience during the introduction of academyFIVE: from process analysis and optimisation, to university-specific documentation and best practice case studies, we are there to advise you with a wealth of knowledge. In addition, you and your staff will receive detailed training to learn how to use academyFIVE, access to an extensive help center and support from our customer support team.

No, the costs for updates are included in the license fee, so there are no additional costs with an update.

In addition to a basic training course, there are detailed training courses for each academyFIVE module. This way, your employees are only trained in the modules that they also need in their daily work with the software. Our help center is available for minor assistance in everyday life.

academyFIVE offers a range of standard interfaces such as Excel, CSV, XML, JSON and the SOAP web service, so that seamless integration into your IT landscape can take place.

We offer you absolute flexibility: you only pay for the modules that you also use in live operation. You can therefore introduce academyFIVE in several partial steps at any time and thus gradually include the individual areas of university administration in the use of the system.

It is also possible to reduce the scope of functions. Each rented module can be terminated at the deadlines specified in the rental and license agreements.

By concluding the service contract, an academyFIVE customer may use all update and upgrade versions of the software, the associated help center and the customer service.

Yes, there is our online help center as well as the possibility to post error tickets there in case of a problem.

Data from your existing system can be imported into academyFIVE as long as it can be exported from the existing systems in a common format (CSV, CML, Access, Excel, etc.).

Installation & Maintenance

No, the software is purely web-based and can be accessed from any computer with a Firefox browser.

For optimal use of the services and functions of academyFIVE, the latest version of the Mozilla Firefox browser is required. For parts of the software that are not used for administration – such as the online application or CampusWEB – the latest version of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Apple Safari is recommended.

Yes, several employees can work with the software in parallel without any problems. Each employee has his or her own access to the software, so that changes in the administrative data can also be tracked.

The update process is completely automatic. The systems are updated at night, so there is usually no downtime within the regular working hours of your university administration.

The regular release notes tell you which changes have been made. The newly installed versions have been carefully checked and tested by us so that there are usually no problems for you. However, if an important process is pending at your university, such as enrolment, it is advisable to test the process again beforehand to be on the safe side, in case it has been affected by changes recently.

In the event of problems or functional failures, the relevant contact persons at your university and in your university administration will be informed immediately via email.

Yes, as academyFIVE is accessed via the internet browser, the software can also be used on a Mac if it has a Mozilla Firefox browser.

No, as the software is accessed via the web browser, it cannot be used without an internet connection.

On the live systems of academyFIVE, an update is installed every 14 days, which includes bug fixes as well as new features. On the stage systems, an update is even available daily if required.

No, the updates are installed automatically, no action is necessary on your part.

We have a multi-level quality management and update process so that the academyFIVE live versions are very reliable and error-free.

Security & Data Protection

You cannot access the backup directly yourself. However, a backup is written and, if necessary, you can have the Customer Service import a complete data status or partial statuses from the previous day into your system.

For the operation of academyFIVE, a server location within the EU (currently Germany and Ireland) is ensured, which fully complies with data protection regulations.

When your academyFIVE instance is activated, SSL encryption is also implemented, without which the new installation of a system is not completed.

Data security is ensured with the utmost care at Simovative. In addition to an in-house data protection officer, the software development itself also works according to strict guidelines. In addition, an order data processing contract is of course also concluded with each customer.

Through an extensive rights and roles concept in academyFIVE, it is possible to set up access for each user to only the data they need, as well as to block an individual user directly.

Yes, an escrow service is available through TÜV Süd, which saves the software source code twice a year in the latest version of academyFIVE. In addition, the customer-specific data (configuration files, output files, etc.) are also stored.

About Simovative

State-of-the-art technologies, the latest security technology and always up to date with the latest developments in higher education law topics: With our efficient team and together with our strong partners, academyFIVE is continuously improved so that we can continue to offer our customers software that is tailored to the needs of higher education institutions and optimally prepared for future challenges.

From seminar providers to vocational academies and universities to educational institutes with distance learning programmes, both large and small customers are among our satisfied users. Please take a look at our reference list, where you can see our current customers.

We also offer support in the run-up to the actual introduction of academyFIVE - for example with an analysis of existing processes as well as their optimisation with a view to the new software. This applies to both new customers and existing customers when introducing new modules.

We still have big plans – with our Campus Management System, we not only want to reach the top of the market, but also play a significant role in shaping the education of tomorrow. In doing so, however, we do not rush headlong ahead, but keep an eye on both market requirements and business values. The result is constant and healthy corporate growth, which we can look back on in recent years – and which we also strive for in the future.

The permanent exchange via different channels, both among ourselves and with our customers, creates transparency and openness among all those involved in a joint project. In addition, a customer meeting takes place once a year, where we can talk about the wishes and requirements of our customers, as well as the constructive exchange between academyFIVE users.

We offer training not only for our customers, but also for our employees on a regular basis. This concerns the functions of the software as well as each phase of the project implementation and the accompanying project management.

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