Sustainability through digitalisation

With academyFIVE and the digitalisation of your processes, you lead your higher education institution to significantly more sustainability. The use of digital signatures and electronic mail alone helps you save resources and reduce CO2 emissions by around 70%.

Efficiency & profitability

Digitalised processes provide you with increased efficiency and profitability. Before making your decision, let us calculate the individual potential from digitalising your higher education institution management. Based on your own university data, our efficiency calculator shows you how you will benefit by using academyFIVE.

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Higher education institution development & future security

Offer your students and faculty additional services with academyFIVE. Increase the number of your students and increase the loyalty to lecturers, partners and alumni. At the same time, by using academyFIVE in the cloud, you benefit not only from low downtime and high scalability, but also from the best possible protection for your data.

External presentation & innovation

Adaptive Learning, Machine Learning or Campus Recruiting – we keep our finger on the pulse for you and are always working on innovations. Strengthen the external image of your higher education institution and remain one step ahead of the others with our visionary topics.

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academyFIVE – the integrated solution for all participants

academyFIVE offers the ideal solution for your higher education institution: a standard software that you can assemble modularly as you wish. Numerous configuration and individual extension options are available to accommodate your specific needs as well.

Basic system

academyFIVE enables you to manage all data of interested persons, applicants, students, alumni, university staff and lecturers, but also of external contacts, partners and institutions comfortably via one single system. Links between persons and institutions as well as relationships between companies and institutions can be easily displayed. The campus management software can be intuitively operated on any end device and with different resolutions.


The experience of recent years has shown that standard software is often not sufficient to meet the diverse requirements of higher education institutions. A service-oriented software must adapt to the individual processes of an institution, as well as support and optimise them. It is precisely this adaptability to which academyFIVE owes its success in recent years. Due to the modular architecture and the open interfaces, we are able to offer you a customised solution that supports you in the best possible way.

Forms of higher education

Some types of higher education institutions have special requirements for a campus management system. This applies, for example, to the structure of distance learning universities, the mapping of timetables at music colleges or special features in the context of executive education. academyFIVE also offers modules for specific requirements, with which you can map your processes in the best possible way. Discover our selection of higher education institutions where academyFIVE is successfully in use.

Structure of the system

At the top of the screen, you will find the quick navigation. Here you can create master data, company data and tasks, and select or change the location. This area also includes the super search function, with which you can search names, date of birth, matriculation number and other fields that you can configure. The link to the Help Centre and access to your own profile can also be found in the top bar.

On the left side you will find the navigation tree with modules, which can be unfolded to open further modules levels. The first line of the navigation tree shows the location where you are logged in.

In the middle part of the screen, you will see the data area. Depending on the data content, one or more toolbars appear within this area that allow you to access the possible functions and often also make it possible to split the content into several tabs.

Subjects & modules

The subject descriptions form the basis of the examination management. You can create versions of subjects here, optionally also in German and English. Furthermore, attachments can be added, book information can be created or links to a website can be stored. The contents maintained in the subject description, such as ECTS, semester hours per week, exams, learning objectives, description, workload, etc., are partly used automatically for further planning and can also be output in the course catalogue as well as in the CampusWEB.

In addition to the subject descriptions, it is also possible to create your own module descriptions for your higher education institution. Modules consist of two or more subjects. Already entered subjects and electives can be added to the modules and concrete rules can be defined for them. As in the subject description, contents such as ECTS, SWS, learning objectives, workload, etc. can be maintained and output in the course catalogue and CampusWEB.

Examinations & curricula

Examination regulations are created for each degree programme and can be stored in versions, as can subject and module descriptions. There is a lot of flexibility for the implementation of examination regulations in academyFIVE: the categorisation feature makes it possible to map basic courses as well as specialisation areas or special study topics. The categories are filled with the already entered (elective) subjects and modules. In the process, specifications for grade keys, calculations and credits are also defined.

Curricula define the study procedures for the individual cohorts. A curriculum can be generated from an examination regulation or created individually. The rules that apply specifically to the cohort are now also defined here: specifications for calculations, credits, course selections or statistics. If this information was already specified in the examination regulations, it can be automatically applied to the curriculum of the cohort. Optionally, evaluations such as ranking lists or grade distributions of the cohort can also be viewed.

Recognise & resolve conflicts

Where possible, academyFIVE supports you in entering and maintaining data with intelligent workflows as well as helpful overviews for correcting information. This is intended to make processing easier for you and help you avoid unnecessary errors. With the visual matrix display, you can also recognise early on if participant, lecturer or room conflicts arise in your planning process and you can resolve them directly.

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